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Offering you a complete choice of products which include Air Handling Unit, Air Showers, Garment Cabinet, Laminar Flow Bench, Dispensing Booths and Air Curtains.

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Piece(s)

Construction Features:-

Cadillac stand AHU(Air Handling Unit) consists of Mixing chamber, pre filter, fine filter, coil section, fan section. AHU(HVAC and Fresh Air Type) frame work is constructed from hollow extruded aluminum profiles anodized or power coated to protect all weather. In critical cases thermal break profile can be selected. The frame works are held by thermoplast, concern joints and omega section. The frame works are held by thermoplast, concern joints and omega section. Special accessibility components are used for easy maintenance and replacement.

Double skinned panels are made in various thickness (25 mm., 30 mm. , 50 mm) which are insulated by PUF ( density 36+ / -4 kg /m3) of K value 0.017 to 0.019 watts /m degree centigrade or expanded polystyrene sheet (density 26 to 40 kg/m3 of K value 0.03 watts /m degree K). Phenolic insulation is also available as per customer requirement. Panels are constructed by G.I. sheet, aluminum sheet, S.S. sheet etc. Special epoxy paints are done on inside part of panel for anti corrosive effect. Inside part can also be covered by perforated sheet for acoustic insulation.

Cadillac offers high energy efficient forward or backward curved SISW or DIDW fan range from 1000 cfm to 30,000 cfm and static pressure of 6" to WG. All fans are individually tested and dynamically as well as statically balanced for smooth & noise free operation. Fan and Motor are mounted on slide rail & vibration isolator for easy adjustment of belt tension and maximum isolation.

Cooling coils with S.S. drain pan are psychometrically efficient with low air pressure drop. As per design condition multiple row with aluminium / copper fins are available. Each coil is tested at 21 kg/cm2 under water. Heating coil / Dehumidifier is used where dehumidification is required.

Special Features:-

Compact but strongly marked in construction.

Easy to install & service.

Noise & vibration free.

Wide range of application.

Built for long trouble free operation.

View Port & Lamp Switch.

Intake louvres with bird screen for fresh air intake.

Fire retardant flexible joint for inlet & outlet of the unit.

Sound attenuation for low noise application.

Humidification Section.

Electric heater section for heating / humidity control.

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece(s)

Air showers are self contained air chambers installed at the entrance, to clean rooms in order to minimize the amount of particulate contaminants, that are washed off with high velocity HEPA filtered air jets. The high air velocity of 20-22 m/s ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter. Contaminated air is then taken in through the base of the unit, filtered and re-circulated into the chamber.

Technical Specifications:-

Cleanliness - Class 10000

Velocity - Approximately 5000-6000 FPM

Lighting - by fluorescent tubes

Shower duration- 0-120 sec. adjustable

Sound level - 70 Db A ±5%

Power supply - 415 v three phase

Nozzles - Adjustable stainless steel

Air change - 1900 air changes per hour

Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Piece(s)


Material of construction :- M.S. CRCA / S.S. 304

Doors : Al. Sliding type, duly powder coated and with glass

Pre Filters: HDPE, Washable

Post Filters: HEPA (High Effi, Particulate Air)

Efficiency: 99.97% down to 0.3 Micron Particle Size.

B/M Assly: Dynamically balanced and specially mounted on bottom for low noise and vibration.

Power Supply: 220 V, AC., 1 Phase, 50 Hz.

Provision for 10 Nos. approns.

950 575 1655 1200 650 2000 115
W1 D1 H1 W D H Power Consumption (In Watts)
Work Space Overall dimensions

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Piece(s)


Material of construction: M.S. CRCA / S.S. 304.

Slide Panels: Transparent acrylic / toughened glass.

Work Table: laminated Table Top / S.S. 304.

Pre Filters: HDPE, Washable.

Post Filters: HEPA (high Efficiency Particulate Air) Eff. 99.97% down to 0.3 Micron particle size.

B/M Assly.: Dynamically balanced and Spring Suspended for low noise and vibration.

Power Supply: 220 V, AC., 1 Phase, 50 Hz.

Available sizes of filtration area : 2' x 2', 4' x 2', 6' x 2'.

6' x 2' 1830 610 610 1950 1050 1430 1230
4' x 2' 1220 610 610 1340 1050 1430 860
2' x 2' 610 610 610 730 1050 1430 450
Modale W1 D1 H1 W D H Power Consumption (In Watts)
Filtration Area Overall dimensions

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh/ Piece(s)

Kleanzone laminar flow work stations or powder dispensing booths for products sampling and dispensing are designed as open front containment systems with built-in scavenging arrangement that draw powder aerosols away from the operator and the operating environment, protecting products and personnel.

Technical specifications of powder dispensing booths and sampling booths:-

Cleanliness - Class 100

Particle retention - 0.3 micron

Velocity - 100 FPM + 20%

Illumination - 4 ft. 40 w with diffuser

Noise level - 60-65

Decibels Standard - FED 209 E

Power supply - 220 v Single phase

Approx Price: Rs 10,000/ Piece(s)

Air Curtains, clean room curtains maintains the interior air conditioning efficiency to save energy, while preventing the entry of dust, harmful insects and fumes from outside. An air curtain or clean room curtains is a device used for separating two spaces from each other. It usually happens at the exterior entrance. The most common configuration for air curtains is a downward facing fan mounted over an opening. Normally this opening is an entrance to a building and the air curtain is intended to help keep outside air out and avoid cold draught by mixing in warm air from the air curtain. The fan must be powerful enough to generate a jet that can reach the floor.

An air (non-heated) air curtains are often used in conjunction with cold storage and refrigerated rooms. Airflow through a door depends on wind forces, temperature differences and pressure differences.

Approx Price: Rs 25,000/ Piece(s)

Our world class range of Dynamic Pass Boxes are designed in conformation to the international standards and are used for transferring the material from and into the cleanroom, without contaminating the air of clean room. In the process, room door is not required to open. These can be easily be installed on the wall between the clean room and other room.

Approx Price: Rs 5,000/ Piece(s)

We offer high quality cross over bench and are offered at reasonable prices. Made from good quality raw material.

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